Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals for 2012

Yes, I have some. I write them every January with the idea I am supposed to open the document a few times during the year to check on my progress. It works, slightly. Last year was bad, I only checked it twice, the year before that I had checked in 8 or 10 times. Some of the items have been on the list for years (finish Gus, publish poetry), others are removed as completed and new ones are added. It was very nice to delete 'be a good shop steward' this year and rewarding to add 'compete in more than one triathlon' because I had checked off the goal of 2011 to 'enter at least one swimming competition'. 
All of this is simply a distraction though, a reason to not be completing to decade long goal of writing the story/stories that have been bouncing around in my head. Maybe if I finish I can move on to other stuff; and that is more BS because I have completed many other writing projects in the interim, only one of which is publishable, in my opinion, but not in the opinion of the publishers I have sent it to.
Even this blog is a distraction, so I will hit 'publish' and send it off, pull the notebook out of the bag and...play Angry Birds.

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