Thursday, January 12, 2012

Collaboration Title

So we need a title, and I am terrible at titles. Cue Google, and the prhase "Title Creator", which led me to  . A title creator by aabashenya. I am going to try it out!
My first attempt produced the following:
Title One: dark creatures of scary streetsTitle Two: the scary fighterTitle Three: the sentinal of dark creaturesTitle Four: dark fighterTitle Five: the searching sentinalTitle Six: winding streetsTitle Seven: searching creaturesTitle Eight: scary winding
Title Nine: winding for streetsTitle Ten: searching and winding
None of which helps us very much. So I need to go back and change some of my word choices.
Title One: broken creatures of dark streetsTitle Two: the dark fighterTitle Three: the sentinal of broken creaturesTitle Four: broken fighterTitle Five: the searching sentinalTitle Six: travelling streetsTitle Seven: searching creaturesTitle Eight: dark travellingTitle Nine: travelling for streetsTitle Ten: searching and travelling
Better, but not quite there. I will now ask my collaborator for some help...
Title One: broken horrors of ancient streetsTitle Two: the ancient SentinalTitle Three: the Woman of broken horrorsTitle Four: broken SentinalTitle Five: the searching WomanTitle Six: travelling streetsTitle Seven: searching horrorsTitle Eight: ancient travellingTitle Nine: travelling for streetsTitle Ten: searching and travelling
Going in the wrong direction, I should have waited...
Hey, Collaborator, click on the link and see what you can do...


Stonemason said...

The Searcher and the Sentinal

J.R. Wagner said...

The Searcher and the Sentinel -I love it

is it Sentinal or Sentinel?

too lazy to check

heading out -chapter 3 will post around 3 today BTW

Stonemason said...

Sentinel...lousy Blogspot spell checker!