Friday, December 23, 2011

Rumi, pg. 63

“If we are not together in the heart, what’s the point?
When body and soul are not dancing,
There is no pleasure in colorful clothing.” (Barks, The Big Red Book, pg. 62)
Ahhh, Rumi! Timeless again, don’t ya think? Live it, love it. Embrace your “God”, live your faith, whatever that faith may be. Imagine life without faith…it is so empty.
Gotcha…immediately some readers assumed I meant religious faith, Christian Fatih, when all I meant was faith, a belief in something. There are powers greater than we puny humans, and as soon as we admit it, we begin to have faith in something other than ourselves. A belief that nature will continue to thrive is faith, thinking that nature is weaker than humans is not faith, it is blasphemy against Mother Earth. A belief in Reincarnation is faith, belief in God is faith, and belief in your fellow man can be faith as well.
But it isn’t enough to just have faith, one live the faith as well. Going to your church on your Sabbath and then ignoring your God the rest of the week is not faith. Joining in with the faithless to denigrate the power of nature, to claim that humans are more powerful than nature, and that humans can change something as immense as the planet is not healthy; walking along in a local park, picking up a few pieces of trash along the way, and reveling in the beauty that surrounds us while understanding that at any time, nature can take us out, that is faith.

Okay, disjointed as hell, and useless, really, but that is where the brain went when I sat down to type. The body and the soul have to be together or life is no fun. Worrying all the time about things we can not change, that is part of the no fun, let it go, let your heart dance with your soul!


J.R. Wagner said...

Funny, I read that as meaning one needs to be spiritually and physically tuned (fit, whatever) in order to be can be of sound mind and not body or the opposite

Stonemason said...

That's the cool thing about poetry, and good art for that matter. It means different things to different people!