Thursday, December 8, 2011


Yes, it has come to this. I am exhausted, need to get to work in half an hour, work all night, meet a truck at 7, dig till done digging...long day ahead!
But such is life, really, and that life is important to me. So I do it.
Volunteer and bike on Saturday, or church, volunteer, and bike on Sunday.
Bike for sure.
Cleaning out an interesting building on Sunday and other days in the coming week until pavers and wall block are delivered, should be fun, interesting, and extremely dirty.
Entered an elementary school tonight that has been a part of my life for 12 years now, I found that to be rather fulfilling, but not nearly as fulfilling as using a tool my father gave me to retrieve a couple three stuck balls. Don't you just love when a little boy or girl says thank you before his or her parents say "What do you say to the nice man?"
From the above:
1. Man finds body while digging for a patio, realizes it is his real father whom he thought had left them...chops up and stashes in dumpster to protect mother.
2. Two friends on bike ride witness drug deal gone bad, all parties killed in shoot-out, what should they do with money and drugs?
3. Man finds alien object while cleaning old sanitarium garage, becomes object of frantic search by black helicopters and sexy alien chicks.
4. Man spends life helping others, falls onto hard times, and realizes that Clarence and his bell are fiction.


J.R. Wagner said...

1. night he starts having flashbacks of his childhood and realizes HE killed his father for mis-treating his mother.

2. They debate over options. One wants to call the authorities, the other -sell the drugs and keep the money. They end up killing each other.

3. An intergalactic war starts. The man, along with most other men on earth, root for the sexy aliens over the government agents.

4. But the zombies limping through his back yard are not!

Stonemason said...

Love it, and carrying on with the theme, see the top post...

Anonymous said...

I pick #2