Monday, December 19, 2011

A little politics

Since no one is clamoring for more J & R, time for some politics.

Bullcrap Congress in not headed for a stand off, Democrats are. The house passed the bill with a year extension (something I do not agree with at all), and the Senate sent back a bill with a two month extension. This is a cut in 'payroll tax', like if you dropped your 401k contribution 2%. This is NOT a good thing people, this is the tax we have to pay if we are to keep the Ponzi scheme alive.
But, of course, it all has to be framed as 'partisan' because the children in Washington have no clue what it means to either work for a living, or, GASP, pay other people to work for a living. Not telling companies what percentage to pull from paychecks in two weeks is INSANE, and then expecting companies to simply change again in two months? Really?
This is going to be an insane election year, maybe for fun the Democrats can actually pass a budget (1000 days and counting, when did the constitution become moot?)

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J.R. Wagner said...

how do I clamor, exactly?