Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day one of the new habits

Yes, I added all the food I ate and my workout to the calorie counter thingy. I finished the day with calories left!!!
Played with my awesome Christmas presents, new shoes and pedals for the bike. First time with a cleat type pedal, thankfully in the basement of my torturer/friend. Completely different feel, better, more controlled, and easier to think about the technique of pedaling; yeah, more to remember than in a golf swing.
He had me do half and hour of one of Coach Troy's hill climb workouts, I am sure there is more pain in my future!
So that is two out of three habits I wanted to start, right? Now I need to get cracking on that novel I have been working on for years.


J.R. Wagner said...

kill the dog!

Stonemason said...

The dog is already dead, I think.