Thursday, December 1, 2011

Climategate emails (2)

Picking low hanging fruit, that's what discussing the global warming issue has become to those of us who understood from the beginning that humans have very little effect on the overall system that is our planet. We knew from the start that this was simply another left-wing scare tactic, based on two flawed premises. Premise #1, humans are stronger than God (or Mother Nature, if you prefer) and can alter the planet. This allows the good little leftist to feel superior to that silly conservative who goes to church. Premise #2, humans are too stupid to see through the power grab. It was power they were after, the power to keep the poor in those developing countries poor, and to lower our standard of living as much as possible so we all suffer the same (socialism). These emails are not cherry-picked, not out of context, and show clearly that the upper echelon of the alarmist crowd have been pressuring journals, fudging data, and black-listing any scientist who dares to question the 'cause'. The best place to find these emails is Watts up with that. There is great analysis for both the normal reader and the scientist alike. Give it a chance, all you alarmists, you may find that Al Gore was lying to you the whole time, all while pocketing billions of dollars from his carbon credit scheme.

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