Sunday, November 27, 2011


I started this blog to discuss politics, oh so many years ago, and have done so intermittently. I tried late last year to keep everything local, and that worked for a week or two, but there just isn't enough to blog about in Chester County, not enough for me to write about anyway. So I slid back out nationally and internationally, writing about the Religion of Peace™, or, the AGW insanity (not insane that the planet may be warming, insane that measly humans are causing the warming).

I was thinking about writing more on the OWS crowd than I have written on Facebook, but so much has already been said it would be redundant, the same goes for the Republican primary fiasco. If democrats had any balls they would be mounting an attack on Obama for 2012, he is slated to be thoroughly trounced next November, Jimmy Carter #2, only worse!

I do want to mention the Iran nuclear weapons chase, something that I think I wrote about many years ago, something that democrats have denied for years, that one useful idiot was given the Nobel Peace Prize for denying. I still do not understand how a simple guy from Pennsylvania can see that Iran is pursuing a nuclear bomb, but the international community still tries to deny it…I just do not get it. Oh, I know that it is the left side of the spectrum that denies it, but that makes even less sense to me. It is the left side of the spectrum that is going to be killed when the Islamic Fascists take over (well, after they kill all of the American conservatives who will never surrender). Remember that there are no gays in Iran and the Holocaust never happened. Iran is going to explode, very soon, right after Syria, or, maybe, right before.

That brings us to the Arab Spring, so touted by so many, all of whom seem to be idealistic fools now. Others, including myself, were counseling caution, calling for patience, arguing that this wasn't going to be the wonderful renaissance that the left wing/anarchist/hacktivists wanted. I, and others, warned that the Muslim Brotherhood was going to take over Egypt, led by the aforementioned Peace Prize winner, and that is what is happening now. I, and others, warned that thousands would die in Libya and Syria, and that is happening. I, and others, warned that the end result would be the United States, under the leadership of President Obama, would come out of this looking weaker, and we were right. Just once I would like to be wrong about these things, but, human nature NEVER changes. People want strong leaders, but strong leaders are rare. Weak leaders, however, are a dime-a-dozen, and weak leaders only want power. When a weak leader gets that power, they normally wield it ruthlessly, and, never let go.

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The project is for a scout that I am not related to, meaning I can work alone as long as that scout as asked me to. The timing of my life and his work days (the last one was during paint ball), forced us to set this up. As the only stonemason in the troop, I was asked to repair the wall as I could. Should finish today, then drop a load of stone over at another project close by...