Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Government causes

An article in the Daily Local today points out exactly what reliance on government causes. Lower income folk who rely on government may have lost touch with the true help that is available in most communities. The title of the article proves my point, or, led me to my point: "I didn't know that people like that existed." Had this woman belonged to a church (or any house of worship) she would have known that people like us exist, those of us that give freely because it is right, not because the government takes.
The people she refers to are the members of an organization I am proud to be a very small part of, Good Works. I was asked to help out through my church and accepted, not much thought, I have some semblance of mechanical/structural ability (no finish work though!) and was able to assist in making a home safe for a new-born.
Back to the point. The government isn't going to seal your windows with the love that Good Works will, the government will give you the money to pay some company that was created to take the money, no connection to the community, no connection to people. Good Works remains connected because the labor is free; the workers work for the love of humanity and the realization that coming to know a higher power, any higher power, through the observation of works AND faith creates a better life for those who are helped.

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