Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We are here

We arrived on time, made it through 'migration' and customs in good time to find that Pastor had indeed found another vehicle to cart us around in, there would be no waiting at the airport for a ride. This was a good thing, the heat is oppressive, the humdity being about, oh, 245%. Anyway, thinking we were headed to the hotel and a trip to the store to buy lunch stuff, we piled into a van and an explorer, the bags were in a little box truck, a size the turned out to be ubiquitous on the streets of Bonfil and Cancun. Bonfil is...well, it's Darby to Philly. But, Cancun isn't nearly as big, so maybe Bonfil is Downingtown's Thorndale, attached but seperate.

We were suprised by lunch at the orphanage, a quick meal shared with some of the children, those too young to be in school, then we stopped at the church. What a beautiful place, stucco and tile, as yet unfiinished, but the, open (and I mean open, there are no windows in the windows), and yet, I iamgine when it is filled, it will become the size it needs to be.

We were introduced to the beams and block we will be carrying, lighter than expected. Then to the Hotel, the pool (about 90 degree water), and after that a trip to the store for supplies. Nothing is where it should be, and it seems that peanut butter is not a staple here.

Dinner was incredible, really, it was great (and cheap!)

Off to bed, early call in the morning.


Jamese said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. I figured that the heat would be worse than it is here, but I thought I'd let you figure that out on your own :) Logan did beautifully in his meet yesterday! I posted all his times on Facebook. If you aren't going there I will post them here later on tonight because I've got to get ready for work now. I miss you very much.

I love you,

Stonemason said...

post 'em here if you could please, no facebook for kids, not right if I sign in. Thanks Beautiful!

Love you too!