Sunday, June 6, 2010

Helen Thomas....

Look, we all know she's a left wing shill, she has been for years...the left was proud to own her all those years too, now, well, they are scrambling. Back to Germany and Poland? The left like to point out the racism at the tea party rallies, and so do I, that stuff sucks, but the left never admits that most pro-Palestinians are left wingers, and most of those are rabidly anti-Semitic. Now, before y'all freak out, I did not call most left wingers anti-Semitic (I'm not like a leftist that paints all republicans as racist), I said the majority of pro-Palestinian activists are anti-Semitic. The truth of the matter is that the is plenty of food in Gaza and the blockade would be lifted if the terrorists stopped lobbing missile and sending suicide bombers to kill civilians.

I have posted before about intellectual honesty, and I guess as long as left wingers continue to excuse this type of behavior I will have to keep pointing it out.