Friday, May 28, 2010

Most transparant ever...till they'e caught

I won't bother with all the links to President Obama promising a differnt way to run things, a transparant administration. We have seen them all, laughed at them, and moved on. But they, meaning the administration (or as he calls it, when at a press conference "the current administration"), are only transparant when they want to be, if they are pulling the same old politics, the hide and obfuscate. Take the Sestak job offer for instance. Those of us in PA knew that Arlen was done this year, Toomey was going to clean his clock in the pimary, then, the greedy bastard switched parties...gauranteeing he would not be a US senator next January, something that made the majority of Pennsylvanians happy. It didn't make the administration happy though, so they tried to bribe Sestak to leave the race, and then, when called on it, denied, lied, and pointed fingers.
Now that the truth is out, will Rahm leave? Will he be fired? Will President Obama know either way?

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