Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great Day

I will return to the politics soon, I promise, I just want this weekend to be abut family (and to return to posting slowly). Great day in the mountains, we did some driving in the morning, then to Ober Gatlinburg to ride the alpine slides, wow, what fun! Then it was back down the mountain to grab some Colonel Sanders for lunch which we enjoyed by a stream up in the Smokies, a Mayfield thing from the past. After pictures we hopped in the car and drove up, up, up till we could see forever. This is such a beautiful place, sure, too many people, but beautiful just the same. Back to the motel after many pictures for a cat nap and a couple games of scrabble and we were off again to walk the streets looking for dinner. Calhouns, a good spot, and then back to the streets to buy candy, it seems that one can not leave Gatlinburg without buying taffy and fudge, no problems with me!

Tomorrow we head to Kingston for visiting and the reason for being here, a pleasant send off for Grandmother and Dinner with Peggy B.

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