Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tax Cuts for the Rich???

One of my favorite things to debunk in the last eight years was the tax cuts for the rich meme. It was BS then, it is still BS. Here is an article, sent to me by a friend, that explains it much better than me.

Imagine, the 'rich' got a 12% cut, and the 'poor' 25% or more. Sure sounds like a cut for the rich to me!!

I even tried to explain it once to another friend, using simple numbers, and he still didn't get it, he still felt that the people who make the most money should pay way more than thier fair share, while the poor pay nothing, taking all the time. Insanity it is, insanity I say.

Oh, and now, the same crowd that was screaming about Bush and his cuts are mum when it comes to Mr. Obama and his tax hikes. Please people, think about this for a minute or two:

The Federal Governement makes about 30% on a gallon of gas, the oil companies make about 9% on a gallon of gas...who is gouging us?

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