Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama Kisses Iranian Butt

ON the occasion of the Persian New Year, President Barack Obama has videotaped a personal statement to the Iranian people which is being portrayed in the Western media as a significant change

This article is in the Arab News...earlier, right after the speech, the Arab News was all over the greeting, lapping it up as the appeasement that it was. Now:

One may well agree that improving relations between the two countries “will not be advanced by threats”, but who has been threatening whom? Has Iran been threatening a “preventive” (i.e., unprovoked and aggressive) attack on the United States? Has Iran been insisting that “military action” remains “on the table” if the United States does not bow to Iranian demands? One may also agree that no country’s “rightful place in the community of nations” should be reached “through terror and arms”. Yet it is the United States which brought “shock and awe” (the American marketing term for “terror” when unleashed by the United States) to the region six years ago this month, and it is the United States which spends more on arms than the rest of the world combined.

Oh, and let us not forget that this article was written by an Israeli hating scum-bucket.

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