Monday, March 16, 2009

Kidding, right?

I'm sorry, but this strikes me as rather funny, really, can the Mexican government be serious?
Mexico to impose sanctions on US exports

So this is all about Mr. Obama and the dems kissing teamster butt, I don't actually care why, I like the fact that they stood up to Mexico and killed the crap that Clinton created with NAFTA. No Mexican trucks in America, sounds good to me, but for Mexico to suggest tariffs over this is hilarious.
I'll tell you what Mexico, take back those 12 million citizens of yours that you have dumped on us and then we'll talk about tariffs. Oh, and don't they realize it is the damn lettuce that the illegals are picking that is going to cost more money in Mexico now? which will lower the demand for lettuce...which will lower the demand for pickers...which will send back...Oh, wait a minute...Tariff away!!!!

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