Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interesting thought

I was working today, had the I-pod on speakers, and caught a Montgomery-Gentry song with the lyrics:
I'll be doin' fine underneath the pines
While the world goes down the drain

Which then made me think of the Everclear song with the lyics:
Swim out past the breakers
Watch the world die

Not me, sure, I like those songs, but not the sentiment of watching while the world goes down. I guess I must be a doer, a person that is going to fight for the things that have meaning to me. One of those things is the United States, another is this planet we live on. We can save our Country, and the world will follow. Just do not sit back and let things happen, go out and make them happen.
Yeah, this little blog isn't much, and I have trouble getting even my family to read it, but I guarantee that it is read by someone in the White House. Every time I mention the name of the President, I bet some little bell goes off and some staffer in the basement logs in to make sure I am not some insane right wing nut.
I am not, by the way, I just enjoy life in a free society and am deathly afraid of socialism and communism, both have been tried, both have killed millions, and both have failed.

Okay, back on point. Do not just sit abound, join something and make a difference, even if it is as simple as a scout troop or a street clean up crew.

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