Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Ballarino said he similarly forwards jabs at other communities. "I get jokes and I send them. I get redneck jokes. I get Irish jokes. I get Italian jokes."

I am not posting the link, or discussing this because I think the idiot quoted above is right, I think the NAACP is wrong.
Jokes are just that, jokes. If a person, or a group, can not take a joke, then they have the problem, not the teller. If the joke is over some line to some person, well, that person has every right to be offended.
That person does not have the right to not be offended, not in America.
The NAACP, of course, has the right to protest this guy, over his jokes, but maybe the time would be better spent going after people who make racist statements in nationally televised speeches, oh, maybe like:
"Just as black anger often proved counterproductive, so have these white resentments"

Anger and resentment, they are not equal, they were juxtaposed for a reason, and that reason was racist. The speaker should have used the same word for both races, if he was honestly trying to heal past wounds, but he was not, he was hoping those wounds would fester a little more, so his wife could finally be proud, so he could be elected President.

We will never get past race in this country until the grievance mongers get past race in this country.