Tuesday, March 24, 2009

end of the press conference

uh, uh, uh, ummm

Did I get it?

talking about regulating, that means taking over as linked to below.
Image in the world? They are laughing at us, at him especially.

No need for global currency

Politico??? Cut mortgage rates for charities?

He is campaigning again, what is going on here. The 95% number again...what is he talking about, only 40% of the people in the country pay taxes. I am sick of the lies.

Why does the President think it is a good thing to foment class warfare?

Ruining the charitable contributions. BS, more than 1%, I deduct it you idiot, I am not rich.

Fair? what about crack heads that do not have to take a drug test to get welfare? is that fair to me?

He is going to help chairities by taxing the rich more...dumb.

1 in 50 children are homeless? Tent cities? BS

This whole thing is a setup, a socialistic setup. I want to see the data on the 1 in 50 number, that is a huge lie. It must be based on rent numbers...homeowners.

everyone knows that there are fewer...shoot, he just mentioned veterens, when they have to pay for thier own health care, they will be more homeless.

Some suprised woman...wants to talk about race...are you black? do you talk about being black?

I think I want to puke.

Washington Times...more lies about stem cells, like he was the first to federally funded stem cells, Bush was the first. Adult stem cells are working, this is a science issue, not a government issue, and federal funds should not be used. Maybe tax breaks, but not funds.

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