Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Win?

the media is trying hard to make this look good, even NPR this morning called it a win. Funny, when George Bush managed to get the No Child Left Behind passed, with both parties voting for it, it was not called a win.

Oh well that is sour grapes, not worth my time, here is the headline:

Obama has first big win in Congress

This is a Comcast headline and they are calling it a major victory. Not even close, sure, he 'won' in that the pork fest passed, but it was a one sided game to begin with. I complained on this blog about that basketball team that won 100 to nothing because the other team was simply not nearly as good, they did not even score a point. Heck, most of the country would not have called that a "major win", but when the administration rams through a bill that passes on pure party line (if you exclude the 7 democrats that voted NO), it is the same exact thing. Had Mr. Obama and Pelosi managed to get just one Republican, I would be willing to give him a slight victory, but no, nothing, and he, and his party are proud of how they 'trounced' the other side, well, they only won because they have more players in the field.

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