Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why? Why do they lie to us?

for years, George Bush has been saying that Iran is trying to enrich plutonium to build a bomb, for yeas the leftists in America, at the UN, and around the world have been saying that this was not true. So how come the head line today reads:

Iran holds enough uranium for bomb

This is insane, absolutely insane. Cognitive dissonance, lies, hopes, whatever you want to call it, it sucks. When will people realize that there is scum in the world, that not all people are likable, that not everyone wants to sit around a campfire singing kum-by-ya?

I am off to bed now, this ticks me off, I knew it was coming, I knew the UN was lying all along, I am not surprised at all, but I am extremely mad, mad at those who live in this country and do everything the can to undermine it, including mocking the President of the last eight years.

I will not mock Mr. Obama, I will disagree with him.

People should take a minute and go to Daily KOS and search the term 'chimpy', they might be surprised. The compassionate left is a myth.

I did it for you, back only 6 months...

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Those are the left wing posters calling the sitting President of the United States a Chimp. Over and over, for years it has been done.

Now, some stupid cartoon....

oh well, the world is backwards, Iran will have a nuke, then, when Israel is wiped off the map, as promised by the President of Iran, the leftists will act surprised.

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