Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scare tactics, this time from the President

Obama: Catastrophe coming if Congress doesn't act

This man is driving me nuts. He is the President now, he needs to stop with the campaign rhetoric and get on with running the country. Catastrophe is a loaded word and for the President to use it is an admission that he is losing, either losing the fight for his pork laden bill, or losing his grip on the job. The worst part of all of this is not that he said it off the cuff it is that this was:

in his prepared remarks.

Once again, thought out for the heaviest impact, only now he is the President, not a candidate, his words reverberate around the world, and he does not seem to get that yet, or, if he does, we are in more trouble than we thought.

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kerrcarto said...

We're in more trouble than we thought.

But at least they can't say we didn't warn them.