Monday, February 23, 2009

Reuters, still carrying water for Obama

The passage of the massive bill -- the largest fiscal stimulus in U.S. history -- marked a huge victory for Obama.

I have been through this, time and again, a big win would not have "...highlighted partisan division in Washington after it passed the U.S. Congress with only three Republican votes."

Maybe I am crazy, but a huge victory is when you change the minds of the other side. I once told a muscle bound laborer who wanted to kick my ass that kicking my ass would not make him right, I may be hurt, but I would still be right. Luckily I had more buddies on the job site than he did, so I did not get my ass kicked. Oh, was that a huge win for me?

No, that was having more people on my side, no one had a huge win...and again, IT WAS NOT A HUGE WIN, it barely passed in the Senate, needed three turn-coat republicans to pass.

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