Monday, February 23, 2009


There are things that happen in the world, things that are said that are ignored by those who should not be ignoring them.

Like this for instance:

The fact is that Tehran and Caracas are on the right track in the path of God and humanitarian goals, he said.
"Fortunately, we are now witnessing that the fronts of our enemies have been weakened to a large extent," President Ahmadinejad said.
Once only Cuba and Venezuela were active in the fight against global arrogance but today a number of nations have joined the stiff struggle, he pointed out.

This worries me, Venezuela, a communist country (almost) and Iran, a fascist country (yes), working together to destroy America. Actively working together, not just rhetoric. That bomb that Iran is working on, I hear from the left in America that Iran should have a protective nuke, and besides, they have no missiles that can reach America. Well, they do if that missile is launched from Venezuela, or from Cuba.

Wake up people, they want us all dead or, worse, communist, or even worse, muslim.

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