Monday, January 5, 2009

How condescending is this man? Is there a public picture of our next President that does not make him look like this? Really, always looking just a little down his nose, always with the slight uptick of the chin. Like he doesn't want to even associate with the criminals he has appointed. This picture is from Drudge, the link to the article is there if one is interested in reading how Gov. Richardson is withdrawing from the Comerce position Mr. Obama chose him for due to the closeness of an indictment on some criminal charges or other. Does it really matter anymore? The amount of criminals in 'public' service is astounding, none of this shocks me. It is going to be an interesting future.
No, it isn't just the democrats either, I am not that naive, it just seems that the percentages are out of whack, tilting hard towards the d's.

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