Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Bad Move

The reversal of Bush policies seems to be the only thing that our new President can do. Nothing new, just reverse what has worked well for some time now. First it was to keep us safe, remember, no attacks for almost 8 years now, and now, it is in deference to the climate change religion.

First of all, let the states sue, go ahead, I sure do not want to have to deal with California emission idiocy here in PA, it is bad enough my gas is more expensive while we switch formulas every season, thanks to California. Oh, and let us not forget, the CO2 numbers are LIES, the hockey stick is false, and global warming has been debunked. Of course now that the religion change to climate change, they can say whatever they want with out facts.

Secondly, we have just dumped billions into failing automakers and now we are going to force them to fail once more by requiring stupid standards that are NOT PROVEN to do a darn thing.

It is tiring to watch this president begin to dismantle the greatest nation on the earth.

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