Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nice Try Mr. Obama

Since I spend some time over at Little Green Footballs I have learned quite a bit about the Country of Israel. I have also worked for a family that was of the Jewish persuasion and we were able to speak freely about Israel and the settlements. This was a family against building any more settlements that Israel wouldn’t be able to protect, they saw the settlers as wayward children clamoring for what the felt they deserved. This is not my opinion, I do not know enough about it to have that deep of an opinion, this is the opinion of the wife of a man that was there in 1968, lost friends in 1968, and was not shy about sharing.

So now, I read an article over at Fox that basically dooms Israel to a first strike by Iran. Mr. Obama has graciously told Israel that the United States will retaliate for them if Iran were to ever attack with a nuclear weapon…gee, I am sure all the dead Israeli’s will appreciate that Mr. Obama.

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