Monday, March 17, 2008

Real Hope

There really is hope in the World, it is not all over. Doomsayers need to just relax and deal with things on a daily basis, not take it all as signs of the apocalypse.


1st Christian church opens in Qatar


Read this article, how far can Saudi Arabia be behind? Honestly, how far? The money in Qatar is linked to S.A. it is only a matter of time before S.A. realizes that the money from the rest of the world that flows into the country comes from Christians and Jews.


Jam said...

Sadly, the motivation seems to be about money, not the belief in Christ as our Savior.

Stonemason said...

But it is a start, to have a Christian Church in the middle of what was once Muslim only is a start. Let them get used to it, then, then they might even listen.