Monday, February 4, 2008


The mind is boggled at the contortions of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). This organization, naturally, condemns Israel for sealing Gaza in an attempt to stop the rocket attacks. These attacks are well reported but ignored when it comes time to bash Israel. The insanity is rather sickening, but I am getting used to it and that is the problem. The article in question is so chock full of lies and distortions it is hard to decide which to refute first.


I found one, and I am going to just do this one. Here are two quotes from the article, keeping in mind that Gaza shares a border with Egypt as well as Israel and that Israel pulled out of Gaza last year.


""We hold Israel responsible for the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip and assert that these conditions are a direct result of Israel's persistent assault, closure of border crossings and disruption of the flow of fuel, food and medical supplies to the Palestinian people," they said in a written communique issued at the end of the extraordinary meeting of the organization's executive committee."


Okay…now, later in the same article, linked above:

"Malki commended Egypt for opening the border to Gazans with a view to helping them stock up on essential goods and water."

There are many pictures of what Gazans considered essential, mainly Cigarettes and Big Screen televisions though. Okay, in the same publication, the Arab News comes the kicker, the proof that all of this is distortions:

Egypt Seals Last Breach in Border


"Egyptian forces sealed the last breach in the border with the Gaza Strip yesterday, stopping an influx of Palestinians into Egypt across a frontier blown open by Hamas Islamists defying an Israeli-led blockade."


If the Arab world cared one whit about the fate of the Palestinians, the border between Gaza and Egypt would be easier to cross, and Egypt would do more to stop the flow of weapons. No, the Arab world needs the Palestinians to suffer so the intermediate goal of the destruction of Israel can be fulfilled on the way to the ultimate goal of world domination by these Islamic cretins.

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