Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mishmash of ideas

I don't want this to be the anti-global warming all the time site, so I am going to have one of those disjointed posts that readers will come to recognize as normal.

How insane is this fake scandal regarding the fired attorneys? Every President has fired them, why s it a scandal when Bush does it? Stupid, really stupid.

Why didn't anyone ask Ms. Plame if she was covert when she was supposedly outed? And what is this bullcrap of having her before congress anyway, there was a long, drawn out, investigation already, at our expense. An investigation that should have ended with Armitage admitting his role, something that was known even before Scooter lied. Yeah, Scooter lied, and he should go to jail, as should Bill Clinton, and anyone else that lies to a Grand Jury.

How can a private golf course advertise itself as public in order to get a liquor license?

Monster rules, I am hooked!

Roger Waters or David Gilmore?

I have a link to add to this about how the democrats forget the constitution when it comes to foreign diplomacy, and another about the eu. At least I think I have one about the eu, I can't remember now and I have to wait till I am connected to the 'net before I can check it out. Hmmm, maybe I can do some searching now for how to turn words into links! Figured it out, somewhat, it is CTRL K, for those who didn't know that. I love learning!

Well. Maybe a little Gorbal Warming…There, I did it!


HappyJamese said...

You are a wonderful blog man, Stonepoet.

Your wife

moxiemonster said...

I don't know about wonderful..maybe psycho, or wack, or wierd, the list can go on! I agree with everything 100%, though.

moxiemonster said...
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