Monday, March 19, 2007

Here in Pennsylvania, we will be heading to the polls in May, and most of us will find a question on the ballot. This question will ask the voter to raise taxes in accordance with Act 1. To learn more about Act 1, go here:

I seriously would like to council any PA readers of this blog, of which there are exactly 3 (myself, my wife, and one of my sons), to vote no. This is a scam, a mess, and will end up costing the people who can least afford it, the most amount. Renters get destroyed with this piece of legislation, and for those that think renters fail to pay school tax, I will redirect you here for some pleasant reading: Oh heck, the Daily Local News is not loading I can't get the link. It is Go to opinions…

Please, there are other ways for our wonderful politicians to help the seniors among us, starting with reigning in the uncontrolled spending of the individual school districts, but this is at the expense of others, socialism rears its ugly head in America once more!


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